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If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water. - Loren Eisley

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Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula)

This species has wide green leaves and very long teeth on the trap.  

Pitcher Plant, 'Dana's Delight' (Saracennia 'Dana's Delight') Exceptional ruffled hood with brilliant red veins & filled with bright pink.  

Pitcher Plant, 'Judith Hindle' (Saracennia 'Judith Hindle') A Leucophylla hybrid with white caps heavily veined in red. Pitcher hoods are especially ruffled.  

Pitcher Plant, 'Scarlet Belle' (Saracennia 'Scarlet Belle') Pitcher hoods are uniquely angled keeping most water from entering. Veins are dark red filled in with a crisp white.  








Arrowhead, Aztec (Sagittaria montevidensis) Lovely heart shaped leaves with defined veining and white flowers with dainty burgundy markings & bright yellow centers. Ht. 2-3'

Banana -  Dwarf Cavendish (Musa 'Dwarf Cavendish' acuminate) Young leaves will have some reddish-purple markings, but later leaves will be all green.The plant will bear bunches with up to 90 bananas. Ht. 8-10' Sun. 

Bluebell (Ruellia brittoniana) Blue trumpet-shaped flowers. Dark purple-green foliage. Ht. 2-3' 

Bluebell, Dwarf Blue (Ruellia brittoniana 'Dwarf Blue') A profuse bloomer, this small evergreen bush makes a wonderful bedding plant. Grows up to 24"' tall and 24" wide.

Bluebell, Dwarf Pink (Ruellia brittoniana 'Dwarf Pink') A profuse bloomer, this compact bush makes a wonderful bedding plant. Grows up to 5"' to 10" tall.

Bluebell, Dwarf White (Ruellia brittoniana 'Dwarf White') A beautiful, compact plant with small, white flowers. A profuse bloomer, excellent along the edge of a pond or bog. Grows 6 to 8" in full to part sun.

Bluebell, Pink (Ruellia brittoniana 'Chi Chi') Soft pink flower. Dark green foliage. Ht. 2-3' 

Bog Lily - Swamp Lily (Crinum americanum) Narrow leaves, thick flower stalks and pure white blossoms. Fragrant. Ht. 2' 

Bog Lily, Red (Crinum menehune) Bright pink flowers with burgundy leaves. Ht 2'. Full to part sun.

Bog Lily, Red Splendens (Crinum procerum 'Splendens' 'Red Aquatic') Also called 'Red Aquatic'. Clusters of exotic-looking, fragrant red flowers above long ,straplike leaves. Ht 2' 

Bog Lily, Sangria (Crinum 'Sangria') Glossy, textured, dark purple foliage topped in late spring and again in fall with 18 inch spikes of rosy pink flowers. Ht. 2-3'

Bog Lily, Stars and Stripes (Crinum 'Stars and Stripes') Flowers are white w/ dramatic red stripes down the center. Ht. 2' 

Calla Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) Pure white blossom w/ glossy arrowhead shaped leaves. Ht. 2' 

Canna, Australia - Red (Canna Australia) Red flowers with dep red burgundy black foliage. Ht. 5'

Canna, Bengal Tiger (Canna, Pretoria) Brilliant splashes of yellow decorate the broad canna leaves for a constant summer display. Orange flowers.

Canna, Black Knight - Ambassador (Canna Black Knight) Red flowers with forest green foliage. Dwarf variety. Ht. 3'

Canna, Cleopatra (Canna Cleopatra) Flowers are yellow with red speckles. Foliage is green and brown. Ht. 4'

Canna, Golden (Canna flaccida) Florida Canna' Golden yellow flower with green foliage. Ht. 4'

Canna, Orange Longwood (Canna glauca 'Taney' orange) True aquatic. Long blooming flowers. Flowers June to August. Ht. 4-5'

Canna, Pink Longwood (Canna glauca 'Erebus' pink) True aquatic. Long blooming flowers. Flowers June to August. Ht. 4-5'

Canna, Red Longwood (Canna glauca 'Endeavor' Red) True aquatic. Long blooming flowers. Flowers June to August. Ht. 4-5'

Canna, Yellow Longwood (Canna glauca 'Ra' Yellow) True aquatic. Long blooming flowers. Flowers June to August. Ht. 4-5'

Canna, Freckled Sunshine Green foliage with very pale green veins, and beautiful, sunny-yellow flowers splashed with tiny red freckles. Grows 3-4'. 

Canna, Orange (Canna flaccida rubrum) A smaller Canna, growing to 3' tall with green, corrugated loooking foliage. Showy flowers are red with broad yellow edges.

Canna, Striped Beauty -  (Canna, Striped Beauty) Bangkok Yellow - Yellow flower with green and white striped foliage. Dwarf variety. Ht. 3' 

Canna, Tropicana - Phasion - Orange Durban (Canna Tropicana) Summer Sunset - Phaison - Orange Durban - Salmon orange flower with green, red and gold foliage. Ht. 4'

Canna, Wyoming (Canna Wyoming) Brilliant orange flower with dark bronze foliage. Dwarf variety. Ht. 3

Fern, Leather (Acrostichum danaeifolium) Large, coarse leaves; grows well in brackish or freshwater marsh environments.Grows 4' to 8' tall.

Garlic, Variegated Water (Tulbaghia violacea variegata) This fast-growing, bulbous plant has narrow green leaves with white variegation. The pinkish lavender flowers have a long blooming season.Grows 10"' to 18" tall.

Hibiscus, African Rose Mallow (Hibiscus acetosella) Cranberry or Red-Leaf Hibiscus - Red flower w/ jagged burgundy leaves. Ht. 2-5' Sun to part shade.

Hibiscus, Red Water Swamp (Hibiscus coccineas) Large brilliant scarlet flower. Foliage turns deep red in fall. Ht. 6-8'

Loosestrife, Burgundy (Lysmachia congestiflora) This rapid spreading marginal has trailing foliage in a variety of shades including green, purple, pink and red.Grows 6 to 8 inches tall.

Loosestrife, Outback Sunset (Lysimachia congestiflora) Trailing foliage in shades of yellow, green, peach & red. Ht. 6-8" Sun/ shade

Papyrus 'Baby Tut' Dwarf Umbrella (Cyperus involucratus 'Baby Tut') Dwf Umbrella Palm - A smaller, more shade tolerant version of the Umbrella Palm. Grows only to the height of 1-2'. 

Papyrus, Dwarf (Cyperus haspans) Sharp edge sedge. Dense tufts of foliage. Golden green flowers. Ht. 1-2' Sun

Papyrus, Dwarf Giant - King Tut (Cyperus papyrus percamentus) A smaller version of the Egyptian papyrus, it only grows to a height of 2-3' and will grow in full sun to partial shade.

Papyrus, Giant Egyptian (Cyperus papyrus) Paper Plant - Stiff triangular stems that have attractive needle like foliage. Ht. 5' Part shade 

Papyrus, Umbrella Palm (Cyperus alternifolius) Umbrella like green foliage. Thrives in moving water. Ht. 5' Sun to Shade 

Pickerel, Pink (Pontederia cordata 'Singapore Pink') Also known as 'Singapore Pink'. Lavender-pink flowers. Dark green foliage. 

Rain Lily, Pink - Zephyr Lily (Zephyranthes grandiflora ) Soft rosy-pink petals on stiff stems. Rich green chive like foliage. Ht. 8-12" 

Rain Lily, White - Zephyr Lily (Zephyranthes candida ) White blooms above green needle-like leaves. Ht. 1' 

Rain Lily, Yellow - Zephyr Lily (Zephyranthes sp. ) Starry, upfacing, crocus-like yellow flower. Ht. 8-12" Full sun 

Rush, Chinese Water Chestnut (Eleocharis tuberosa) Bright green plant. Brown flowers in winter. Ht. 2-3' Sun to part shade 

Sagittaria, Giant/Duck Potato (Sagittaria lancifolia) Duck Potato - Tall lance-shaped leaves that arch outward. Single white flower appears through summer. 

Spider Lily, Variegated (Hymenocallis caribaea variegata) White flowers w/ striped green & white foliage . Ht. 12-18"  Sun to shade

Spider Lily, White (Hymenocallis latifolia) Spidery white fragrant flowers. Ht. 1-3'  Full sun to part shade

Star Grass - White Top Sedge - Star Rush (Dichromena colorata) White star shapes flowers. Narrow leaves atop needle like stems. Ht. 1-2'

Sword, Marble Queen Radican (Echinodorus cordifolius 'Marble Queen') White patches on large green foliage. White  flowers. Ht. 1-2' Full/part shade  

Sword, Radican (Echinodorus cordifolius) Clusters of large green leaves and sprays of white flowers. Ht. 2-3'  Part shade

Taro, Black Magic (Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic') Dark plum leaves that appear black. The leaf grows on dark burgundy-black stems.

Taro, Black Stem (Colocasia esculenta fontenesii 'Black Stem') Giant purplish black stems can rise to 7' in height. The leaves are giant, green, and heart shaped with a shiny black cast.

Taro, Fallax (Colocasia esculenta fallax) Rounded leaves of velvety medium green, each highlighted by a wide silver streak down the center vein, with smaller silver veins radiating from the center to the leaf edge.

Taro, Green (Colocasia esculenta) Good backdrop for more delicate plants. Green to pale yellow flowers bloom in summer. 

Taro, Hilo Beauty - Variegated  (Alocasia amazonica 'Hilo Beauty' ) Blue/black stalks w/ green leaves marked w/ chartreuse.  Ht. 2-4'.  Part sun

Taro, Imperial (Colocasia antiquorum 'Illustris') Foliage is dull emerald green with violet blotches between the veins. Stalks are a pale and marked in brown.

Taro, Mojito Named after the popular Cuban mixed drink. Has large green leaves that are splattered with dark purple markings. No two leaves are the same. Ht. 6'.

Taro, Plumbae (Alocasia plumbae 'Nigra') Upper leaf surface is deep black while underneath is silver-purple with purple veins. Grows from 4-5'. 

Taro, Red Stem - Rhubarb (Colocasia esculenta 'Red Stem' 'Rhubarb') Green faced elephant ear has beautiful red petioles. 

Taro, Tea Cup (Colocasia esculenta 'Tea Cup') This stunning colocasia has unique cup-shaped, green leaves with purple veins that bead water similarly to a lotus leaf. Grows 3 to 4 feet tall.

Taro, Violet Stem (Colocasia esculenta 'Violet Stem') 6' deep purple stalks leading to 3' long giant green leaves with a slight hazy purple cast. The 1' tall yellow flowers have a wonderful papaya-like fragrance.

Thalia - Flag Lily - Alligator Flag (Thalia geniculata) Bright red stems w/ purple flowers. Ht. 6-8' Sun

Thalia, Red Stemmed Alligator Flag (Thalia geniculata ruminoides) Stems are streaked in red and sometimes solid red. Ht. 2-10'

Variegated Water Spider (Stenotaphrum secundatum) A flowering, perennial, wetland grass that blooms from spring to fall. It is one of the more shade tolerant tropical grasses Grows 2"' to 5" tall.

Water Bamboo (Thysanoleana maxima) This very vigorous grass resembles bamboo with its dark stem and unique leaves. Leaves grow to 3 inches wide and 18 inches long. Tassel-like flowers form at the stem ends during the summer.  Zone 7-9
Water Spider Orchid (Habenaria repens) This Florida-native orchid has thick, succulent, lance-shaped leaves, but is noted for its tall stalk of pale green flowers resembling small spiders. Grows 12" to 24"' tall.

Water Sprite - Indian Fern (Ceratopteris thalictroides) The finely branched leaves are very decorative and provide good contrast to other leaf shapes. Ht. 6-12".

Water Sprite - Lace leaf  (Ceratopteris siliquosa) An easy growing, small aquatic fern with bright green leaves that can be thick or lacey, depending on the variety.  Prefers sun to partial shade and grows 6-12" tall.




Arrowhead 'Silk Stockings' (Sagittaria australis 'Benni') Red foliage. Ht. 12-20" Zone 5-11 Sun to part shade

Arum, Arrow - Green Arum (Peltandra virginica) Glossy dark green arrow shaped foliage. Ht. 2-3' Sun

Banana 'Basjoo' (Musa 'Basjoo') Long, slender, bright green leaves. Ht. 14'

Bloody Dock - Red Water Dock (Rumex sanguineus 'Bloody Dock') Narrow green leaves w/ red veining. Ht. 1'  Sun to part shade

Blue Moneywort (Lindernia grandiflora) Intense, small, tubular purple blooms. Ht.2-4"

Cattail (Typha latifolia) Stranded cattail. Ht. 7' Sun to partial shade

Cattail, Dwarf (Typha minima) Masses of 1" cattails sit atop very narrow blue-green foliage. Ht. 1-2'

Cattail, Narrow-Leaf (Typha angustifolia) Narrow dark blue-green leaves. Ht. 6-10'

Cattail, Variegated (Typha latifolia variegata) Striking green and cream variegated foliage. Ht. 5'

Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata variegata) Red, blue-green & yellow heart-shaped leaves. White flowers. Ht. 6-12"

Clover, Dwarf (Marsilea crenata) This aquatic groundcover reproduces fairly rapidly by sending runners to form a dense, green mat.  Likes full to partial sun and grows 2 to 4" tall.

Clover, Four Leaf - Upright (Marsilea quadrifolia) Bright green upright foliage. Ht. 8-10"

Clover, Four Leaf Variegated (Marsilea mutica) Floating green, yellow & red leaves. Ht. 6"

Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) Creates an attractive carpet of foliage w/ yellow flowers. Ht. 2-6"

Creeping Jenny, Golden (Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea') Creates an attractive carpet of foliage w/ golden flowers. Ht. 2-6"  Shade

Fern, Aqua (Woodwardia sp.)  Light green in color; stripe dark reddish brown at base. Ht. 7"-2' 

Fern, Cinnamon (Osmunda cinnamomea) A very lush fern noted for its fertile fronds that resemble cinnamon sticks.  Prefers partial sun to shade and grows 24-36" tall.

Fern, Royal (Osmunda regalis) Dark army green foliage. Ht. 3-4'  Sun to part shade

Golden Club (Orontium aquaticum) White & gold flowers w/ green foliage. Ht. 1-2' Sun

Grass, Strawberry & Cream, Ribbon (Phalaris arundinacea sp.) Creamy white w/ thin green strips. Ht. 12-14"

Hibiscus 'Summer Snow' (Hibiscus coccineus sp.) Large brilliant white, star-shaped flowers. Shrub grows to a height of 6-8'.  Full sun.

Hibiscus, Water - Swamp Rosemallow (Hibiscus moscheutos) White flowers with a deep red to burgundy center.  Flowers bloom from May to September and can reach up to 8" across.  Ht. 6.5'  Full sun.

Houttuynia (Houttuynia cordata) White flower. Heart-shaped leaves that grow in a mat. Fragrant. Ht. 6" Sun to shade

Iris, 'Alabaster Moon'  (Iris Louisiana sp.) White flowers with golden yellow signals.  Full sun. Ht. 2-3'. 

Iris, 'Ann Chowing' - Velvet Red (Iris Louisiana 'Ann Chowing') A very robust iris unique for its velvet-red blooms with deep yellow signals.  Blooms in late spring to early summer in sun to partial shade.  Grows up to 36" tall.

Iris, Black Gamecock (Iris, Louisiana Black Gamecock) Striking midnight purple blossoms perch high atop graceful medium green foliage. Dark flowers are highly visible from a distance.

Iris, Blue Flag (Iris virginica) Flowers are purple with central yellow highlights on sepals and petals.

Iris, Blue Flag - Northern (Iris versicolor) Delicate violet blossoms rise gracefully above sword-like foliage.

Iris, Japanese (Iris ensata (kaempferi)  Flowers are held above the foliage, and may be single, double or multipetaled. Colors range from deep velvety purple to the cleanest white.

Iris, Japanese Variegated (Iris ensata variegata) This strikingly beautiful iris has creamy white-and-green, vertically striped, broad foliage. Clumps are topped with attractive, pale lavender-blue flowers.

Iris, Kimboshi - yellow (Iris 'Kimboshi') Iris 'Kimboshi', which means "golden hat" in Japanese, is a cross between the pseudacorus and ensata. It is fast-growing and blooms in spring with large, pale-yellow flowers. Grows up to 18" to 24" tall.

Iris, Laevigata Blue (Iris, laevigata - Blue) Beautiful bright blue to bluish-purple flowers atop stately green foliage. Grows 18" to 24" tall.

Iris, Laevigata 'Rose Queen' Pale pink to lavender-pink iris with darker rose-pink stripes on the falls. Ht. 20".

Iris, Laevigata Snowdrift ( Iris laevigata 'Alba' Snowdrift ) Ivory-white form, a delicate blossom that performs better in part shade. Prolific bloomers.

Iris, Louisiana (Iris Louisiana) A common, robust variety with large blooms that range in color from hues of blue to purple.  Likes sun to part shade and grows 24-36" tall.

Iris Louisiana "Peaches in Wine' (Iris Louisiana sp.) Profuse bloomer with distictly ruffled petals whose color ranges from red to pink, and peach to orange. Grows up to 24" tall.

Iris, Walking Blue (Iris neomarica caerulea) Solid bright blue flowers.  Spreads by long (walking) rhizomes.  Ht. 1-3'.  Full Sun.

Iris, Yellow Flag (Iris pseudacorus) European species produces masses of brilliant canary yellow blossoms that stand well above the erect foliage.

Iris Yellow Flag - Double Flowering (Iris pseudacorus plena) Characterized by bright yellow, double flowers contrasted against stately green, strap-like foliage.  Likes full to partial sun and grows 12-36" tall.

Lizard's Tail (Saururus cernuus) Cream colored blossoms. Triangular green foliage. Ht. 1-3' Sun

Lizard's Tongue - Carolina Grasswort (Lilaeopsis carolinensis) Low ground cover w/ small succulent leaves. Ht. 2-4"

Lobelia, Red - Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis ) Tubular red flowers. Green toothed leaves. Ht. 2-4' Full sun

Mint, Aquatic (Mentha aquatica) Wonderfully aromatic foliage and lilac-pink blossoms make this variety a favorite. Quick surface cover.

Mint, Citrus Water (Mentha aquatica citronis) A very aromatic mint with a slight hint of orange. Produces delicate lavender flowers in late summer. Grows 18"' to 24" tall.

Mondo Grass (Ophiogon japonica) Grasslike clumps w/ dark green blades. Ht. 6-10"  Sun to part shade

Orchid, Chinese Hardy - Yellow (Bletilla ochracea) This late-spring bloomer grows into hearty clumps within a few years, and can have as many as 10 to 20 flowers per spike. Grows 12 to 24 inches tall.

Orchid, Chinese Lipstick -Purple (Bletilla striata, Kuchibeni)  A hardy, Asian native plant which grows in clumps and produces tall sprays of long-lasting, orchid-like purple flowers.  Grows best in partial sun.  12-24" tall.

Pennywort, Brazilian (Hydrocotyle leucocephala) A plant that grows fast and adapts easily. Grow towards the light and the surface, where it will spread. It does not need to be rooted, but can be used as a floating plant which provides a hiding-place for young fish.

Pickerel, Blue (Pontederia cordata) Slick, broad dark green foliage. Bright lavender flowers. Ht. 2-3'

Pickerel, Lance-leaf (Pontederia lanceolata) Upright plant with icy sky-blue flowers. Foliage is dark green. Ht. 3-5'

Pickerel, Royal Blue (Pontederia dilatata 'Royal Blue') Tall, upright plant that makes a beautiful addition to the pond or water garden. Produces intense blue flower spikes that continue all summer long. Also commonly known as Royal Blue Pickerel Weed. Mature size of 3-6'.

Pickerel, White (Pontederia cordata alba) Medium height, dark green in color, and tight clumping habit. White blooms touched with pink are held above the foliage. Also commonly known as White Pickerel Weed. Mature size of 1-2'.

Reed, Striped Giant 'Peppermint Stick' (Arundo donax variegata) Bold white and green leaves make a bamboo effect. Ht. 3-8'

Rush, Blue (Juncus glaucus) Vertical blue foliage.  Ht. 12-18".  Full Sun.

Rush, Bull (Scirpus lacustris) Flower from June to August. Sun to light shade. Zone 4

Rush, Corkscrew (Juncus effusus spiralis/Unicorn) Dark green corkscrew stems. Small green flowers on top of stems. Ht. 1'   

Rush, Dwarf Horsetail (Equisetum scirpoides) Small needle-like green foliage. Ht. 8"  Sun to part shade

Rush, Gold Strike (Juncus effusus 'Gold Strike') This evergreen rush has a long gold-colored stripe down the center of each leaf; Ht. 24-32"

Rush, Horsetail (Equisetum hyemale)

Distinctive, jointed evergreen stems. Prefers shallow water.  Ht. 3' Sun

Rush, Soft (Juncus effusus) Hollow, cylindrical foliage.  Tipped with small green/brown flowers.  Ht. 2-5'.

Rush, Spike (Eleocharis palustris) Dense green tufts. Flowers June -Aug Ht. 2' Full sun 

Rush, Spike - Montana (Eleocharis Montana) Short green spiky clumping marginal. Ht. 18"  Sun

Rush, Variegated Striped (Baumea rubiginosa variegata) Leaves are dark green w/ yellow vertical lines.  Ht 1-2'.  Sun to Part shade

Rush, White (Scirpus lacustris albescens) White needle-like foliage marked w/ narrow green vertical pinstripes. Ht. 4-5'

Rush, Zebra (Scirpus tabernae-montani 'Zebrinus') Green & white banded foliage.  Ht. 4'


Sagittaria, Arrowhead (Sagittaria latifolia ) Arrow-shaped foliage. Delicate white flowers w/ bright yellow centers. Ht. 2'

Sedge, Large Blue/Grey (Carex aquatilus) Upright running plant with blue/green foliage. Ht. 2-2 1/2' Zone 3-11

Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus) Grows from the roots and runs freely. Green leaves. Ht. 3' .  Up to 6" water.

Sweet Flag, Golden Japanese (Acorus gramineus 'Ogon') Light green foliage accented w/ bright yellow stripes.  Ht. 8-12"

Sweet Flag, Variegated Striped (Acorus calamus 'variegatus') Sword shaped variegated (striped with white and green) leaf blades.  Ht. 3' 

Sweet Flag, Variegated Dwarf (Acorus gramineus variegatus) Light green foliage accented w/ bright white stripes.  Ht. 8-10"

Thalia - Hardy Water Canna (Thalia dealbata) Rich purple flowers atop narrow spikes. Bold, dramatic foliage. Ht. 6'  Sun

Water Celery, Variegated (Oenanthe javonica "Flamingo") Bright pink, green and white foliage. Ht. 1-2'

Water Hawthorne (Aponogeton distachys) Flowers are crisp white w/ black stamens. Vanilla fragrance.  Part shade 





Anacharis (Egeria densa/Elodea densa) An attractive, robust plant. The small leaves are strap-shaped, about 1" long and 1/4" wide.

Ancharis, Najas (Egeria najas) Very attractive with beautiful green drooping leaves, narrow stems.  

Bacopa, Lemon Bacopa (Bacopa caroliniana) Leaves are succulent and relatively thick. Leaves are almost round, and are arranged oppositely on the stem. 

Bacopa, Variegated (Bacopa lenagera) Similar to B. Caroliniana but broader yellow foliage with green veins. No Sent. Best in container gardens and raised ponds where foliage can hang over edges.

Cabomba, Fanwort (Cabomba caroliniana) Very popular aquarium plant owing to its beautiful foliage. Most decorative when planted in groups.

Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) Plant has stalks with opposing, oval, sometimes slightly turned-over leaves.

Ludwigia, Red (Ludwigia repens) Beautiful and easy to grow stem plant that will thrive in aquariums. The plant typically grows to a height of 12-20". The leaves are very variable and wide elliptic. 

Mint Charlie/Creeping Charlie (Micromeria brownei)   Small mat forming, creeping perennial, with slender rhizomes and a with pungent aromatic scent; stems often creeping and rooting at the nodes.

Moneywort (Bacopa monnieri) Plant has stalks with opposing, oval, sometimes slightly turned-over leaves, with small white flowers.

Myrio, Brown/Green (Myriophyllum sp.)  This plant has a beautiful brown/green coloration, and with its fine leaves is very delicate looking.
Parrot's Feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum) Trails along the ground or water surface. It is easy to see why this plant is called parrot feather: its delicate, feathery, bright green leaves grow in profusion.

Rotala (Rotala indica) The Latin name means ''the plant with the round leaves''. It forms side shoots willingly, becoming compact and bushy. 

Sagittaria, Broadleaf (Sagittaria platyphylla) Ideal foreground plant for large aquariums or in the middle of smaller aquariums. It forms a slightly dispersed group with its runners. This is a robust starter plant. Ht. 5-15"

Sagittaria, Dwarf (Sagittaria subulata, dwarf) Very well suited for the purpose of filling in "empty spaces" from middle to front of the tank. Ht. 5-8". 

Vallisneria Italian (Vallisneria spiralis) Plant has green, ribbon shaped leaves which grow up to 3' long.

Vallisneria Jungle - large, wide leaf) (Vallisneria sp.) Olive-green leaves grow long and narrow with saw-toothed tips.

Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis) A plant for beginners which can help create a balance in the aquarium from the start. Its rapid growth helps prevent algae because the plant absorbs a great number of nutrients from the water.







Azolla/Fairy Moss (Azolla caroliniana) Attractive green and red floating fern. Tiny leaves. Koi love to eat this plant. 

Duckweed (Lemna minor) Smallest flowering plant in the world. They have "budding pouches" on the edge of the leaf, from which grow new single-leafed plants.

Salvinia (Salvinia rotundifolia minima) Fuzzy, round 1-2 inch leaves that are connecting in long, running chains. 

Frogbit (Limnobium spongia) Shiny smooth leaf surface are supported underneath by thick spongy tissue. Light green undersides show slightly for contrast. 

Sensitive Plant (Neptunia aquatica) Contracts at the slightest touch, has leaflets that are opposite, growing on either side of the petiole, arranged to resemble dragonfly wings.

Sensitive Fern, Giant (Aeschynomene fluitans) Yellow Sweetpea-like flowers. Foliage closes slowly when touched.

Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes)  EXPORT ONLY! Nearly transparent, intense lavender-blue flowers stand well above deep, waxy-green foliage.

Water Lettuce (Pistia stratioides) Unique light green lettuce-like foliage floats peacefully on the water surface. 

Water Lettuce, Rosette (Pistia sp.) Intricately patterned than common water lettuce and a better overall plant.  Compact growing.

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