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If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water. - Loren Eisley

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Hardy Water lilies Our standard size waterlily is a well established tuber in
a 9" x 6" pan except where noted. More mature plants with multiple
crowns (clumps) are available for most varieties when a showier plant is desired.
Clumps are well suited for a 16-23" container or similar planting pockets.
Most varieties will handle depths of 15-24" and perform best in sunny
locations. Exceptions to this are noted in the descriptions.
To achieve best performance hardy waterlilies should be fertilized
every 4-6 weeks in season. We also recommend stocking Japanese
Trapdoor Snails in your waterlily pools - they consume and digest algae
and decaying plant material that otherwise would turn into "Goop"
(a technical term meaningful only to those who have mucked out ponds).
Those snails will result in a cleaner pool, healthier & cleaner plants and
better sales - and they don't talk back, rarely call in sick, never ask for
a raise, and probably move faster than some of the nursery labor we've
hired over the years.
General hygiene is also important - minimal water circulation will help
to insure adequate oxygen for all the good guys (beneficial bacteria and
Japanese Trapdoor Snails). Please take note of our standard water
quality practices which, as they have evolved over the past 20 years,
have helped to assure good growth with a minimum of fuss & bother. If
you've ever sniffed a bottle of that magic juice, you know we don't run
around the nursery dumping it into pools for the fun of it!

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