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Previous Projects

Whether a flower garden, container, water feature or fish pond, we have the experience to give you do-it-yourself advice or provide full design, installation and maintenance service. Stop by or call for a consultation appointment.

Previously done projects.
With water gardens every project is unique and left up to ones imagination. We make every effort to make
these projects blend into the surronding landscape. Our passion is to build these projects with the highest
quality materials and plants to provide you with many years of worry free enjoyment. When complete these
projects will add great value to your property and make your little Peace of Paradise more enjoyable.

Cohasset Project
This was a very unique job because of the scituation. It was located on a steep, sloped area of solid ledge.
The traditional water garden materials couldn't be used making it a real challenge.
The home owner, Marilyn Chenault Minot, is a certified interior designer with more than 25 years experience and she loves the looks of this water feature.
Please visit her web site at MCM Design Management, LLC.

Cohasset Before Picture Cohasset before
Before work was started at the Cohasset project.
The ledge was a challenge to create the waterfall.
The work begins.
Falls Formed Falls Formed
Looking down on falls before filling and planting. Five falls formed and ready to fill and plant.
Detail Work Detail from the top
Picture showing detailed planting work. Looking down on the water garden.
Cohasset Before Picture Cohasset After Picture
Before work was started at the Cohasset project.
The ledge was a challenge to create the waterfall.
After completion of work in Cohasset. Success!
The ledge is hidden.
Existing Pond Falls Formed
Existing 500 gallon pond. Finished 1000 gallon pond.
Another picture of completed Cohasset job Another picture of completed Cohasset job
This design has five waterfalls.. The bottom fall spills into a 1000 gallon pond.

Cohasset Winterfall
Winter time in Cohasset.

Cohasset Winterfall Cohasset Winterfall

Cohasset Winterfall Cohasset Winterfall

More winter magic.

Roman Table Project
The rock garden and water fountain was built at the the Roman Table, a shop in Scituate Harbor that specializes
in Fine European Cookware, Tableware, Linens, Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, Gifts, Events, and Classes.

Storefront finished
Rock garden with water feature.
Before Before watergarden
The store front before any work was started. Where the water garden was going to be installed.
Fountaine Basework Finished Fountain
The fountain basework is installed. Finished fountain.
Detail work Before plantings
Detail work. Finished fountain before plantings.
Project Planted Finished project 2 months later
New plantings installed. Finished fountain after planting took hold.

Roman Table Card Roman Table Card
Finished project
A winter time look at the completed project.

Scituate Project
The rock garden was built in an area where a title 5 septic tank was installed and grass would not grow.
The retaining wall for this same title 5 system, needed plants to hide the top and give the areaa some interest.

Scituate Job Scituate Job after
Rock garden to cover a title five tank. After completion.
Scituate After Completion
Rock garden with water feature.
Scituate Garden in the snow Scituate Christmas Garden
The snow makes a beautiful blanket. Gardens can make a Yuletide statement.
Retaining wall Retaining Wall
These two pictures show the border around a Title 5 mound done with a mix of hardy woody plants to give year round interest..
Containers Containers Container Container Container

Fall containers done with perennials and hardy wood plants.

Carver Project
This was a typical attempt of a home owner to build a water garden. He had the right idea,
however, lacked the experience to make it work.

Carver before picture Carver Job Completed
Rebuilding and improving an existing pond. After completion.

Hingham Project
This was a do it yourself help project. Lisa needed professional help with the rocks and mechanical
parts of the water garden. Lisa is owner of Lisa Berkins Designs, a professional container gardener who
uses uncommon plant material purchased at Hillbilly-Acres.com

Start of Hingham job Work in progress
Work starts on the focal
point of the project -
The Waterfall.
The Waterfall starts to take
on a life of its own.

Work continuing Finished
Dee very carefully selects the best
stone to give the project that
natural look.
The finished waterfall. The water garden
still needs some detail work.
Hingham Job
Completed project one year later.

Lisa's Container Lisa's Container Lisa's Container Lisa's Container
Lisa's Container Lisa's Container Lisa's Container Lisa's Business Card

Marshfield Project
This was a bit of a challenge to make the pond fit into the landscape and
keep its natural look, as with all ponds and waterfalls.

Construction 1 Construction 2
Dee working on detail work to
cover anything artificial.
Dee completeing the detail work.

Completed water garden
The completed water garden. One thousand gallon pond with waterfall.

Norwell Project
This pond was built with a typical pre-molded
plastic liner to make it simple for the typical home
owner to build a samall pond. They are very difficult to
conceal into the landscape and very difficult to keep from growing algea.
I don't recommend them for these reasons. With a little imagination and effort
they can be made into a natural setting. They have their limits.

Norwell Project Norwell Project
Preformed plastic pond (not recommened)
existing water garden which the owner
wasn't happy with.
Finished water garden with waterfall two days later
ready for planting in the spring.
Norwell Job
Norwell project one year later.

For additional information on other projects please see
Magical Moon Foundation
my second Norwell project,
and the Fountains page.

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