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If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water. - Loren Eisley

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  Aquatic Plants
Waterlillies & Lotus Water Garden Pond Plants Other Plants

The pages listed above list a few of the aquatics that are available. There are many more that are available, ask if your looking for a specific plant.
For plantings around the pond in the landscape go to
Hillbilly Acres.com

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Specimen plants are available (or can be made available) for every plant we sell. Specimens provide instant maturity to any pond. They work as excellent sales tools when used to demonstrate what a 1 gal. plant will look like in a couple of months or couple of years. On our regular availability list are some of the specimens which are currently available. Some of the most popular specimens are the Cannas, Meyanthes, Peltandra, Lillies, Lotus, Taros and the Cyperus family plants. Feel free to talk with us abouth your specimen plant needs and we'll be glad to help you.

Aquatic Plants Aquatic Plants Aquatic Plants
Another close up of a tropical
Pickeral Weed which is an
invasive plant in Florida.
Tropical Pickeral Weed in the
Cannas are awesome for shallow
water or damp areas. They can
grow to 6 feet.
Aquatic Plants Aquatic Plants Aquatic Plants
Many marginal's can be grown
as regular garden plants such
as this Black Magic Calocarsie.
Giant Papyrus
Excellant shallow water plant for
Burgundy Rice
We can grow certain edibles in
water for food and their beauty.

Other Plants Other Plants Other Plants
Centratherum intermedium
Brazilian Bachelors Buttons
An annual that will reseed and
the leaves have a fruity scent.
The blooms of the Water Hyacinths
are gorgeous.
Parrot Feather
Beautiful plant for the water garden.
Very fast growing and acts as a water oxygenator.
Other Plants Other Plants
Close up of a Water Hyacinth bloom. Close up ofthis beautiful tropical
Pickeral Weed. Loves summer heat.

This is a lotus I grew from seed.

Other Plants Other Plants
Asclopias currassavice or Annual Milk Weed
Excellent marginal for summer color and to
attract Monarch butterflys.
Oryza setiva 'nigrescens' - Burgundy Rice
Excellent aquatic or can be used as a regular garden plant.

Other Plants Other Plants
Water plants can be grown in small containers such as this plastic half whiskey barrel. The blooms of water hyacinth only last a day but in the heat of the summer they are non-stop color.

Other Plants Other Plants
A green leopard frog hiding in a tub of Duckweed waiting for a mosquito or two. Spring Peeper - Photo taken with a cell phone in the greenhouse (Jan 08)

Other Plants Other Plants
Green Leopard Frog - Picture taken with a cell phone. Heirloom Tomato (Garden Peach) Can't be beat for flavor and is very early.

Other Plants 16
Tulbeghia violacea variegata - Society Garlic.
Blooms from June thru October. Great Tender perennial worth wintering over indoors.

Other Plants
Caladiums make excellent shallow water plants for shade.

For other plants of merit go to Hillbilly Acres.com

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