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If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water. - Loren Eisley

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Disappearing Fountains
These can be built with almost any thing one can get a one inch hole through. Holes can
be drilled in up to 30 inch stones, but it is recommended to use smaller stones. These disappearing
fountains are left to one's imagination and can be placed almost anywhere in the landscape.

Pembroke Project Pembroke Project Fountain Construction

Scituate Project
Michele Dorsey

Scituate Project Scituate Project
Hole excavated for fountain base. Beginning of Scituate Project. Fountain base installed.

Scituate Project Scituate Project

Scituate Project
This project can be seen at her office on Kenneth Road. Three different views of the project.

Pembroke Project

Pembroke Project Pembroke Project
Simple start to a disappearing fountain, locate a good
spot and dig a hole for the base.
Installed the base and cover grate for the rock work.

Pembroke Project Pembroke Project
Base rocks are put in place to cover the base and grate. Finished rock work in place and the rocks mortared together
to finish the fountain. The rocks were pre-drilled with
a 1 inch hole. I then let the mortar set up for a few
days to make sure the rocks were plumb before
starting the pump.
Pembroke Project
Finished fountain ready for spring plantings to soften up the rock look.

Fountain Info
Fountain Info

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