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If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water. - Loren Eisley

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Magical Moon Foundation

Magical Moon Foundation Project

Photo Credits: Ian Murray

This project was a volunteer effort for the Magical Moon Foundation.

Located at the Magical Moon Foundation 575 Summer St, Marshfield.
Open to the general public.
Before in Marshfield After completion in Marshfield
1/2 acre area to renovate into a water fall and water garden Two ponds for a total of 6500 gallons.

Magical Moon Water Garden
Completed water garden
Magical Moon Completed Water Garden Magical Moon Water Lilly
Completed Water Garden Water Lilly in bloom

The following are some of the volunteers who graciously donated their time and service to make this project possible.
They all deserve a gratitude of thanks. There were many others who also donated either time, materials, or the use
of equipment for this major undertaking. Without their help we could not have completed this project.

Billy Billy's dog
Billy running the excavator. Billy's dog UBU

Donna Dee
Owner of the Magical Moon Foundation

Casper Grace
Casper Grace and UBU

Jim Mark
Jim Mark

Mary Ellen Max
Mary Ellen Max

Mike Monique
Michael B. Gilligan Landscape 781-545-5577 Monique

Pat Pete
Pat McEachern Contracting Inc. 781-545-9412

Pete Dog Zen
Pete Dog Zen

Ron Rock
Ron Rock

Son Father
Danny Danny's father, Steve

Lion's Head Organics K.B. Wilson TLC North Landscape
Two dump truck loads of 100% organic compost. Use of his dump truck for hauling fieldstone to the site. Labor and the use of his dump truck.
Northern Oaks Ted Bowes Trucking
For his donation of handpicked stones to do the
detail work around the water garden and falls.
Ten wheeler load of fieldstone delivered
by Ted Bowes Trucking.

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