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If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water. - Loren Eisley

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  • Custom Water Features -

  • Our specialty in the water garder business is to create
    a water feature that will blend into the existing landscape.
    Water in the landscape can turn and existing gardern into
    something magical.
    See fountain page and Previously Done Projects.

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  • Water Gardens -

  • We can build a water garden of any size. Nothing is too small or too large.
    We use only the best quality materials to give you many years
    of maintenance free enjoyment.
    See Previously Done Projects.

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  • Koi Ponds -

  • Koi ponds are different than water gardens and require extra filtration to keep the water clean
    and healthy - We recommend a combination of both to be as maintenance free as possible.
    See Previously Done Projects.

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    A look at the Cohasset project from the roof of
    the house.

  • Fountains -

  • Fountains can be simple and can fit very easily into the landscape.
    Our dissapearing fountain basins can be placed into the landscape very easily.
    They are no maintanence if properly installed. See Fountains page.

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    Lights add a great dimension to a night time waterfall.
    Picture taken with a cell phone.

  • Add Ons -

  • We can add on to an existing water gardenor Koi pond
    and expand your enjoyment with your Peace of Paradise even further.

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    For other services please visit the Services page at HillBilly Acres.

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